Automatically filter/remove connections from your funnel that responded to your connection request

Sending a personal message with DS to first degree connections using standard LinkedIn or Sales Navigator without sending duplicate or wrong messages is very time-consuming for me. I want to prevent sending duplicate/wrong messages so before running DS personal message option I manually check if any of the connections I want to contact has already responded with a personal message in Sales Navigator or Standard LinkedIn, and remove them from my revisit data list. Example: I sent 100 connection requests -> 50 accept -> 10 respond to my connection request message. I scan all 50 new connections but I don't know who the 10 people are that have responded already. So I manually check all 50 contacts by entering their names in LinkedIn Inbox and Sales Navigator Inbox, and then I remove them from the funnel if they have responded earlier. My suggestion: To add a functionality which automatically skips a connection that has responded to your connection request.

Done Suggested by: Falko Upvoted: 14 Aug, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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