allow for multiple messages/share opportunities across a sales team

You guys rock!

So last year I requested a feature that would allow a DS user to easily change the message being sent to potential customers. We sell multiple products and target totally different organizations based on the product we are trying to sell, so being able to "switch" between offers with a click, instead of copy/paste would be great.

New feature request:

We have a team of sales people trying to sell…. If we identify a group of prospects, say 1000, is there a way to "share" the prospecting across the sales team so that 5 sales reps can reach 1000 potential customers within a day? (i.e. stay below the 200 requests per day per sales person)

Let me know & thanks again!


P.S. I posted this earlier with a title of "is below", but I don't see a way to delete a request... Growing is good!

Under consideration Suggested by: Christopher Moore Upvoted: 20 May, '21 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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