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This is to bring to your notice that LinkedIn has changed its messaging feature. And, thus, when we send a connection request to a lead (with a note) via Sales Navigator, they are being distributed to 2 inboxes, LinkedIn Inbox, and Sales Navigator Inbox.

Leads in the Sales Navigator Inbox retain the initial note, but once they accept the connection request, a new thread starts within the LinkedIn Inbox without the note. And for those, who accept the connection request and do not reply, even we can't find them in any of the inboxes because the feature requires us to start a new conversation again with the lead.

A way to keep all the leads within one inbox i.e. Sales Navigator Inbox is to not send a connection request and just a note. This note will then appear in the LinkedIn Inboxes of the leads and we would be able to continue the conversation with the note still retained for the leads.

Request you to add the functionality to just send a note without sending a connection request.

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