Add Indicator on linkedin to profiles that have been synched by Dux-Soup to CRM (pipedrive namely)

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When I am working on linkedin, I currently use linkmatch to push the linkedin contact info to our CRM pipedrive as a lead or deal. Now that I have Dux Soup, I see that you also have the option to sync linkedin profiles to pipedrive contacts. I activated this. Now both linkmatch and Dux soup sink to our CRM, Each contact is now in our CRM twice. I would like to stop my subscription to linkmatch, but they have a great little indicator that pops up next to the name of the person in linkedin indicating that they have either been synched to pipedrive which is green, and when they have not yet been synched the indicator is orange. It would be great if Dux soup had a little indicator too, showing that the profile has been synched to the CRM., because to be sure, I have to back to pipedrive and check, just takes a several clicks and is annoying to do... Thanks.

Under consideration CRM Hubspot pipedrive Suggested by: Darin C BEACH Upvoted: 08 Jul, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2