Visiting 1000's of profiles on autopilot

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Campaign mode from Social Lead Machine, is this. It takes your saved searches from LinkedIn and autovisits the profiles contained in that search. ***This is the most beneficial aspect of this feature - If your saved search is more than 1000 profiles, lets say 7000. Obviously you can't view them all. But what the campaign mode does is break that saved search of 7000 into smaller segments using different search criteria but staying within your saved search. So lets say it breaks it down into 15 segments. each segment being under 1000 profiles each. The campaign mode will automatically visit each profile in each segment. Will snooze when it reaches the limit, and will continue visiting profiles in each segment automatically until every profile in each segment is viewed. Thus you viewed 7000 profiles without having to manually mess around with search criteria. Makes the process smoother, faster, and is very thorough.

Under consideration Suggested by: Corey Upvoted: 13 Dec, '21 Comments: 3

Comments: 3